3 Houston Astros playing their way off the postseason roster

The Houston Astros are still at risk of missing the postseason altogether, but if they do make it, they'll have some serious roster questions to answer.

Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
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If the Houston Astros do miss the postseason altogether, then Dusty Baker as well as owner Jim Crane are going to have a tough conversation. Baker's group won the World Series last November, and it would have been a decent time for the veteran manager to walk off into the sunset. Instead, Baker came back, hoping to repeat as World Series champs.

Houston is at risk of losing the AL West to the Texas Rangers, and perhaps the AL Wild Card altogether if the Mariners are to win this series. Seattle poses a very real threat, and Wednesday night's game looms large in deciding which division opponent will make the playoffs at all.

In this scenario, let's just say the Houston Astros get in. If that's the case, this group will have some very tough calls to make as it pertains to their postseason roster.


Houston Astros who shouldn't be on the postseason roster: Jake Meyers

With the return of Michael Brantley and the emergence of Chas McCormick in center field, there's no real need for Meyers on this roster outside of possible depth. However, Meyers has hit just .130 in his last 15 games, and .205 in his last 30 games. He doesn't offer much with the bat.

Meyers only hope is that Baker continues to be stubborn about how he employs the outfield. McCormick is one of the best outfielders in the American League, but Baker continues to sit him in important moments, opting instead for Meyers or Mauricio Dubon. While Dubon can and should play a role this postseason, Meyers doesn't really have an argument to replace McCormick at any given time. McCormick has grown frustrated with Baker's mentality.

“He ain’t a big boy yet,” Baker said, digging himself into an even deeper hole. “It’s hard to be a big boy right out the gate. What is this, Chas’ third or fourth year? The big boys are Altuve, Bregman, Tucker, those are the big boys. The other boys are approaching big boys.”

McCormick responded to this bizarre assertion, perhaps making the drama even worse.

“I’ve been with (Baker) for a couple years now so I know his agenda. I know that he likes to play everyone. Obviously I want to be out there every night. But he does a good job," McCormick said. “I think that’s what he goes off, the best matchups and how he sets things up. I haven’t really spoken to him. He’s the manager. He does what he wants. I don’t think I have any right to ask what his deal is. He’s been in the league for a while and has a good plan."

That felt like a big boy answer to me, but perhaps not Baker. Either way, if this team is going anywhere but Cabo, McCormick needs a greater role. That means Meyers is on his way out.