Life of Brian: Iowa is one game closer to losing The Ferentzes, probably

Iowa may be 1-0 on the season, but Brian Ferentz's Hawkeyes offense only scored 24 points.

Brian Ferentz, Iowa Hawkeyes
Brian Ferentz, Iowa Hawkeyes / Matthew Holst/GettyImages

The only number that matters this season is 25 PPG for Brian Ferentz and the Iowa offense.

Although the Iowa Hawkeyes improved to 1-0 on the season, Brian Ferentz's offense scored a grand total of 24 points on Saturday ... at home ... vs. Utah State...

Yes, Cade McNamara looked more than capable on his new Big Ten team, but it was more of the same at Kinnick for the Iowa offense. The Hawkeyes defeated the visiting Aggies 24-14, but pretty much sat on the ball in the second half, scoring only seven points in the final two frames. Because Ferentz needs 25 points per game and something like eight wins this season to stay employed, buckle up!!!

As of this moment, Ferentz is one game closer to being out of job and his dad will have to handle it.

Iowa football fans are one game closer to being without The Ferentzes

It sounds ridiculous, but there is no better litmus test to determine what type of college football fan you are than this one: How do you feel about Iowa football? Kirk Ferentz will be a Hall of Fame coach whenever he wants up the headset. He has done a marvelous job of sustaining relative excellence in the deep Big Ten since taking over for his mentor Hayden Fry in the late 1990s. This also has to end.

Over the last decade or so, this is what Iowa football has been all about. Line play, great defense and outstanding special teams. The offense, well, it is stuck in a pre-spread world, one where the default is to essentially run it between the tackles. It is a place where quarterbacks go to die, as no one can hold a candle to what Ricky Stanzi once was for the Imitation Steelers. Failure is not flattering at all...

Ultimately, we are so going to end up seeing Iowa go something like 10-2, win the Big Ten West, only to get skull-dragged by Michigan up in Indianapolis again. All the while, the Iowa offense averages something like 24.4 points per game. Not quite the necessary 25, but not enough for Dad to round it up to keep Brian on staff. So far, Brian is close, but no cigar. Once again, you have our attention, Iowa.

We will let you know how the Hawkeyes offense is doing after every game they play it this season.

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