Sicko mode: How the Iowa Hawkeyes can ruin college football this season

The Iowa Hawkeyes can and will ruin the college football season if they choose. Terrible offense aside, Iowa is for real.

Iowa v Penn State
Iowa v Penn State / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Kirk Ferentz would win every game 5-0 if he could. Heck, he'd settle for a safety. Offense is forbidden for Iowa football. Kirk's son Brian Ferentz knows this all too well, and despite calls for his firing, this father-son duo can take the Hawkeyes to the promise land.

Brian Ferentz took a revised contract this season which was loaded with incentives, but decreased his actual salary. The only way the younger Ferentz can regain his previous arrangement is if his offense scores at least 25 points per game (including a bowl game). After some tough results of late -- including a shutout at the hands of Penn State -- Iowa is now nine percentage points behind that pace, per CBS Sports.

So, Ferentz has plenty to coach for. His father is trying to maintain his legacy and keep his son on the coaching staff. The schedule surprisingly does the Hawkeyes some favors thanks to their setup in the Big Ten West.

Iowa making the College Football Playoff would be a stretch, but it's not impossible.

How Iowa football could make the College Football Playoff

Iowa has the worst offense in college football, yet they have a 3-1 record in the conference. After their win over Wisconsin, they control their own destiny to win the Big Ten West.

The Big Ten East is overloaded with talented teams, specifically Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan. Iowa, meanwhile, will be favored in each of their last five games against the likes of Minnesota, Northwestern, Rutgers, Illinios and Nebraska. They even have a bye week mixed in for good measure!

The caveat here is that Iowa would have to defeat some team in the Big Ten East -- likely Penn State, Ohio State or Michigan -- in the conference championship game to make the College Football Playoff, or at least get in the conversation.

That feels unlikely, but it's not impossible, which was the entire point of this story. Yes, Iowa can ruin everything.