Is Devin Booker playing tonight? Latest injury update for Warriors vs. Suns

Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns open their season against the Golden State Warriors. Will he be to play in this marquee matchup?

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The wait is over. Basketball season is back in full swing! However, tonight's opening matchup between the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors comes with uncertainty. Both teams are dealing with injuries. It has been confirmed that the Dubs will be without defensive mastermind Draymond Green. There's also a question mark surrounding the Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker tonight. Depending on what happens in warmups, Phoenix might also have to look to their bench.

Devin Booker listed as questionable for season opener

The issue is: do the Suns have a player like Devin Booker on their bench? Because, if they do, it's Bradley Beal, and bad news — he's not healthy either. Shams Charania reported that Devin Booker is "50-50" for tonight's game and that the guard will warm up and try to play.

Via Underdog NBA's twitter:

According to Shams, It is "unlikely" that Beal will be able to play, while Booker "will try." AZ Sports' Kellan Olson reported that both Beal and Booker were limited on Monday. 

Olson tweeted:

Considering that Booker and Beal are Phoenix's primary ball handlers, the Suns better hope one of them can play. Otherwise, Jordan Goodwin is next in line on the depth chart. Even though Goodwin is a fine player, he doesn't provide the same All-Star level of play as Beal or Booker. Additionally, Goodwin arrived in Phoenix this past summer, so he's new to the Suns' system.

With that said, if the glass is half-empty, the Suns could be without Devin Booker and Bradley Beal in their season opener. If the glass is half-full, Booker will play and Beal will sit out. If the glass never existed, and all of this was just media smoke and mirrors, to begin with Booker and Beal will share the court tonight. Ultimately, we will have to wait and see what the Suns have in store for their season opener.

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