Is that Arthur Smith's music? Steelers OC brings his favorite weapon to Pittsburgh

What can Brown do for you? More like what can Arthur Smith running FedEx Ground do for you?

Arthur Smith, Atlanta Falcons
Arthur Smith, Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Reunited and it feels so good? Oh, say it ain't so. Cordarrelle Patterson, you were a real one over the last three years. You were exceptionally ATL while helping my Atlanta Falcons go 7-10 every year like clockwork. I thought you were retiring, but instead, you have decided to play for Arthur Smith once again. I mean, I get it. He lets you run the ball a ton and the Pittsburgh Steelers cannot throw the ball.

Yes, Smith's secret weapon in Atlanta is going to Pittsburgh on a two-year deal. Although the Steelers still have Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren, nothing is going to stop Smith from getting whatever he wants. Keep in mind that the Falcons added Tyler Allgeier and Bijan Robinson in consecutive drafts after signing Patterson off the scrap heap in 2021. I wish him nothing but the very best in Pittsburgh.

While I have no earthly idea if the Steelers offense will be a sight to behold or a flaming pile-up on the side of the interstate, I will be unable to look away. This isn't rubbernecking, this is Arthur Smith football! With either Justin Fields or Russell Wilson taking snaps under center, this thing is about to be a powder keg more than the Triple J Ranch was when Ross Perot Jr. owned the Dallas Mavericks.

From Jim Jackson to Jason Kidd to Jamal Mashburn, we all have a role to play. So which one are you?

But in terms of getting everyone on the same page, Patterson doesn't need to learn a new playbook.

Cordarrelle Patterson reunites with Arthur Smith on Pittsburgh Steelers

Patterson may not be one with X's and O's, but just the ball into the man's hands and let him go to work. He reinvented himself the first time as an elite return specialist after failing as a wide receiver with the Minnesota Vikings, mostly because he was incapable of running routes. After several years of doing that, Patterson reinvented himself again, as a versatile playmaker out of the backfield at 30.

For an offense that had no juice whatsoever last season, Patterson is honestly a breath of fresh air for Pittsburgh. He is one of the good guys, a man who will help put out the never-ending grease fires that have become synonymous with Steelers football of late under Mike Tomlin. If the offense embraces a lunchpail mentality like Patterson did playing for Smith in Atlanta, this team can go maybe even 11-6.

Overall, this is a smart move for the Steelers to make. Atlanta is going in a different direction as a franchise, and Patterson has working knowledge of the type of system Smith wants to run in Pittsburgh. It is a match made in Yinzer heaven, right? Well, that might be pushing it, but I will say that even as a Falcons fan, I think this is a good move. And yinz thought Jonnu Smith was going there...

Why throw the ball past the sticks when you can do god knows what behind the line of scrimmage.

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