Jason Kelce confirms wife Kylie is indeed the most loyal Eagles fan

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce hasn't been shy in supporting his brother Travis during the Chiefs playoff run. His wife Kylie, on the other hand...

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

There may be nobody that has enjoyed the Kansas City Chiefs march to another Super Bowl title more than Jason Kelce, and yes, I'm including Taylor Swift in that calculus. The longtime Philadelphia Eagles center has taken the mantra of brotherly love that his adopted city is known for and taken it to, ahem, New Heights, by loudly, hilariously, and publicly supporting his brother Travis at every stop along his playoff path.

Jason has been memed to death in the past few weeks, first for taking his shirt off, chugging beers, and carrying a young Taylor Swift fan to meet her hero at Highmark Stadium, then for donning a spectacular set of Chiefs overalls to the Super Bowl itself.

For as much as Jason has been happy to throw himself headlong into Chiefs Kingdom in support of his brother, his wife Kylie has been... less enthusiastic. That's not to say that she hasn't been supportive in her own way (her Cincinnati Bearcats shirt references her husband's and brother-in-law's alma mater), but when it comes to trading in her Eagles green for the red and yellow of the Chiefs, let's just say that her motto is "These colors don't run." Jason confirmed as much in a recent podcast episode.

Normally I would never recommend reading the comment section on X, but this one is pure gold. My favorite is the poster that called her "Philadelphia's First Lady."

Kylie Kelce is the world's most loyal Eagles fan

This is what sports is all about. Kylie was an Eagles fan long before she ever met Jason, and has publicly said she will never wear another NFL team's gear. One has to imagine that if Jason played for anyone but the Birds, the couple's relationship, which began over eight years ago and has since produced a marriage and three kids, may never have gotten off the ground.

Eagles fans, to the surprise of absolutely no one, love it, and have used this to celebrate their queen even more. While the Philly faithful await word on whether Jason will be back next year, or if, as Adam Schefter reported, he's retiring (Kelce has said that he hasn't made a decision yet), they can at least take comfort in knowing that whether Jason plays or not, they still have Kylie's support.