Jason Kelce’s luchador mask from Super Bowl afterparty had the grossest origin

We know where Jason Kelce's luchador mask came from. Maybe we shouldn't.

Jason Kelce
Jason Kelce / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday. It was a thrilling game, which ended in walk-off fashion as Patrick Mahomes located Mecole Hardman in the end zone in overtime. It doesn't get much better than that.

It was a historic victory for the Chiefs — their third in five years, with a chance to become the first NFL team ever to three-peat in 2025. Patrick Mahomes now has three Super Bowl MVPs to his name. And, as an added bonus, we have been treated to the Kelce victory tour once again.

This time, however, there's a twist. Or a couple twists. First, Travis Kelce is dating Taylor Swift, who was in attendance at the Super Bowl and at the afterparty. Also present was Jason Kelce, Travis' older brother and the Philadelphia Eagles' All-Pro center. With the Eagles out of the playoffs (and Jason pondering retirement), the older brother was able to throw his support behind the Chiefs 100 percent. Just check out the overalls.

Naturally, Jason was at the afterparty, too. The game was in Las Vegas, a town built around parties, so the scenes were quite impressive. Thankfully there were cameras all around to capture the moment. Below is one of the true cinematic achievements of our time — a vérité capturing of American excellence. As Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift dance to 'Love Story,' maybe her more enduring hit, the camera pans to Jason Kelce, in a luchador mask, vibing alongside Marshmello, who apparently DJs Super Bowl afterparties in Vegas.

Yes. We do all strive to be Jason Kelce. He is the peak of man.

So, that said, there were natural questions about how Jason Kelce actually came across that luchador mask, which he did not have on during the game. The 36-year-old explained it all on a recent episode of the New Heights Show.

In hindsight, maybe some questions are better left unanswered.

Jason Kelce explains afterparty luchador mask origin story

So, to make a short story even shorter, Kelce found the luchador on the ground, unattended, at the Chiefs' first afterparty spot. He picked it up, did not wash it, and proceeded to wear it at Kansas City's second afterparty stop.

Kelce admits that he fully anticipated getting pink eye from the strange Vegas floor mask, but he's a lucky man. No ill-effects as far as we know. That said, we must encourage the kids at home to not wear random luchador masks found on the club dance floor in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is imperative that this advice be followed — strict adherence is mandatory.

Jason Kelce has really carved out a niche as the NFL's preeminent party animal. He will chug beers shirtless in sub-zero weather. He will let his belly take over the dance floor. And yes, no luchador mask is safe. He will risk severe illness to maximize the vibes.

To quote Travis Kelce, it was electric.