Jaxson Dart’s NIL package has a truly wild benefit Steve Sarkisian would love

After Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian got his own private plane for his own extension, Jaxson Dart signed a deal that allowed him to get his own.

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Ole Miss v Penn State
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As the College Football world continues with players getting NIL deals, the star QB of Ole Miss is getting a reward similar to Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian. According to Pete Nakos of One3NIL, Jaxson Dart has signed an NIL deal with Nicholas Air. This deal allows Dart to use the private jet for "travel, training, and philanthropy."

Dart is back for his third season as the presumed QB starter for the Ole Miss Rebels after transferring from USC after his freshman year. Recently, Sarkisian signed a contract extension with the University of Texas that allowed him to have a similar reward as the coach has 20 free hours of private jet time included in his contract with the school.

The Airline is likely to make a lot of money off this advertisement as College Football Athletes are highly popular in the South. Starting QBs, especially ones that play for a top conference like the SEC are highly targeted for marketing campaigns. With that in mind, was Dart's airline deal the best NIL deal from a marketing standpoint?

Is Dart's NIL airline deal the best NIL deal from a marketing standpoint?

Even though the possible taglines for this deal are great, this will probably not be the best NIL deal ever made. While the marketing campaign could do wonders for Nicholas Air and allow the company to pitch tons of clients with disposable income, this is not an everyday product that everyone can buy like WIll Shipley's Chitpole NIL deal.

Still, this will likely be a highly lucrative deal for both sides with Dart giving the airline a lot of attention as the Ole Miss Rebels look to possibly compete for a playoff spot in the expanded College Football season. Ideally, the Rebels will need a lot of flights around the US in the final part of the season. No matter what happens, the QB has certainly gained a lot of attention with his new deal that includes a great reward.

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