Joel Embiid injury update: Insider shares the best case-scenario for return

While Joel Embiid will certainly miss time with injury, the Sixers could get him back sooner than expected if things go right.

Philadelphia 76ers v Golden State Warriors
Philadelphia 76ers v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

As the Philadelphia Sixers try to keep themselves within the top six of the Eastern Conference, the best-case scenario for Joel Embiid's injury timeline has been revealed. According to Shams Charania who was appearing on his Fanduel Run it Back show, the Sixers hope that Embiid will only miss one month due to his injured left knee and recent surgery. It could be much longer but he'll be re-assessed in four weeks and that's the earliest he could return.

Philly is currently on a two-game losing streak without Embiid with their only win coming against a struggling Jazz squad. With this timeline in mind, the Sixers could be able to get Embiid back for the final part of the regular season but more likely, Philly will be missing Embiid for the majority of what is left of the regular season.

Embiid might have suffered this most recent injury because he came back too soon from a small injury. Even if Embiid is able to come back in a month, the Sixers will need to find a way to keep themselves in the top six of the Eastern Conference for an entire month or his return might not even matter.

Will the 76ers be able to keep themselves in the top six without Embiid?

Philly will need Tyrese Maxey to step up and become a top number-one option for the next couple of weeks if they want to stay out of the Play-In Tournament. The franchise will also need to keep Tobias Harris and not trade him for future assets. While the squad hasn't openly said that they will move him, the Pistons have been possibly looking to trade for him.

At the end of the day, the Sixers will most likely fall a bit in the standings. The Pacers will most likely pass Philly at some point for the fifth spot in the Eastern Conference. Still, the franchise can keep themselves firmly in playoff range if Maxey steps up and Harris isn't traded. But no matter what happens, the Sixers will surely miss the presence of Joel Embiid on the court.

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