John Sterling begs Red Sox star not to hurt him in form of autographed baseball

Justin Turner, Boston Red Sox
Justin Turner, Boston Red Sox / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Truce? Yankees announcer John Sterling extended an olive branch to Red Sox star Justin Turner following an eventful series.

Boston Red Sox star Justin Turner was on a mission to destroy the New York Yankees this past weekend -- play-by-play announcer John Sterling was just collateral damage.

The Yankees commentator was the victim of not one, but two foul balls hit by Sterling that flew his way this year. The first time, in June, the ball bonked him on the head and he had to get stitches. The second time, Sterling was quick enough to duck his head and avoid getting hit again.

After hearing of Sterling's incident, Turner gifted Sterling an autographed baseball with a band-aid stuck on it to send him a comical message: "No matter where you sit at a ball game, you’re never safe.”

Now, Sterling is returning the favor and sent Turner an autographed ball of his own. Sterling and broadcast partner Suzyn Waldman wrote to the Red Sox slugger: "Why do you hate us?"

It's pretty easy to answer that question.

Yankees announcer John Sterling sends a baseball Justin Turner's way

The Red Sox swept the Yankees for the second time this year in what feels like an alternate universe: Boston is making a hopeful run to the playoffs while New York is still digging around in the sties.

The Yankees, barreling toward their first losing season in the last thirty years, could use some comic relief in this dreadfully somber 2023 campaign, and the Sterling-Turner playful rivalry provides just that.

Sterling's autographed ball could be considered a veiled plea to Turner to stop beating the Yankees so badly, but it's not Turner's fault that the pinstripes continue to sink toward more miserable depths week after week.

Turner, who has an OPS of .844 this season and tends to perform especially well against the Yankees, seemed elated to receive Sterling's gift even if the announcer is on his hated rival's side. Until they meet again.

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