Jordan Montgomery drops Scott Boras after disastrous free agency flop

This past offseason was very slow in terms of free agency. Because of this, Jordan Montgomery, a Scott Boras client, has switched agents.
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This past offseason, free agency stretched all the way until two days before Opening Day, when Jordan Montgomery, the last major free agent, signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The contract was for one year and $25 million, and it also included a vesting option for 2025.

Montgomery, a client of Scott Boras was one of the "Boras Four," joining Cody Bellinger, Matt Chapman, and Blake Snell as one of the major free agents to remain unsigned as spring training kicked off. It seems now as if there may be some hard feelings between Montgomery and Boras.

Today, Kiley McDaniel of ESPN broke some shocking news, revealing that Montgomery had hired Wasserman's Joel Wolfe and Nick Chanock to be his new agents.

Jordan Montgomery drops Scott Boras after free agency flop

This is some major news in the baseball world.

Boras obviously did not have the best offseason, as four of his top clients remained unsigned at the end of February. McDaniel had originally predicted that Montgomery would get a five-year deal.

But the free agency period ultimately dragged on for the Boras Four and produced disappointing results for each player.

Boras is one of baseball's top agents, but this past offseason has clearly hurt his credibility, and losing a client such as Montgomery is a major hit for him.

Bellinger was the first of the Boras Four to sign, re-joining the Chicago Cubs on Feb. 25. Montgomery was the last remaining Boras client to sign, having done so on March 26.

But the left-hander's stock should have been boosted after such a strong postseason performance with the Texas Rangers. He went 3-1 with a 2.90 ERA and won the clinching games of the Wild Card Series and ALCS. One would assume that would be enough for him to get the deal he was looking for.

The process dragged on too long, however, and Montgomery was forced to settle for a one-year deal.

Perhaps soon, more Boras clients may choose to pursue new agencies to represent them after Montgomery's decision to hire Wasserman. This certainly doesn't bode well for Boras.

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