Josh Giddey allegations: Everything to know about situation NBA is investigating

After social media posts suggested Josh Giddey had a relationship with a minor, the NBA is now stepping in to investigate the allegations.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Phoenix Suns
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Earlier this week, a thunderstorm of controversy engulfed Josh Giddey and the Oklahoma City Thunder when a social media post alleged the 21-year-old Australian native had a sexual relationship with a minor.

While no legal charges have been filed yet, the NBA is now investigating the allegations, according to league spokesman Mike Bass.

Timeline of the Josh Giddey allegations

The allegations were based on social media posts showing Giddey shirtless with a young woman. The identity of the young woman has yet to be confirmed, and many jurisdictions withhold the identity of minors who are the victims of a crime.

The Instagram account ocbeers_ initially made the allegations based on leaked social media posts. Many of the initial posts making the allegations have been taken down, but screenshots of the posts have continued to circulate.

Following the Thunder's practice on Nov. 24, Giddey repeatedly told reporters, "No comment," when asked about the allegations. The team has yet to release a statement, discipline, or remove Giddey from the team. However, that could change with the NBA announcing a formal investigation into the allegations.

How serious are the allegations against Josh Giddey?

In the state of Oklahoma, the legal age of consent is 16. No matter the intent, anyone over the age of 18 who engages in sexual intercourse with an individual under the age of 16 is guilty of statutory rape. Under Oklahoma sentencing guidelines, if found guilty, Giddey could face 15 years in prison and would have to register for life as an aggravated sex offender. The age of consent in Australia is also 16. However, Giddey being a foreign national does not excuse him from the American justice system.

The allegations against Giddey are severe and, if true, could result in him serving jail time and facing a lengthy suspension from the NBA.

The legal situation Giddey potentially finds himself in is at the beginning of a long and winding road. However, the NBA and the NBAPA are much more likely to act before the legal system can take its course, with Giddey potentially being placed on administrative leave before being served a suspension.

The allegations, while serious, are rooted in social media speculation over Giddey's relationship with a young woman and said woman's age. Until those facts can be established, Giddey is either a serious criminal or another young person with regrettable social media posts.

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