5 teams that should poach Chargers OC Kellen Moore while they have the chance

Kellen Moore will once again be one of the hottest names on the offensive coordinator market.

Kellen Moore, Los Angeles Chargers
Kellen Moore, Los Angeles Chargers / Loren Elliott/GettyImages
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3. Atlanta Falcons need someone else to call plays besides Arthur Smith

One of the hardest teams to forecast heading into this offseason is the Atlanta Falcons. They are so close to breaking through. Atlanta has an ascending defense, great special teams and promising weapons on the offensive side of the ball. The player and owner Arthur Blank seem to really like head coach Arthur Smith, although he is quickly falling out of favor with the tortured Falcons fan base....

The big thing that is holding the Falcons back besides two low-ceilinged quarterbacks on the roster in Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heinicke is that Smith continues to call the offensive plays. He used to be really adept at it as the Tennessee Titans' offensive coordinator. It is what helped him get the Falcons job in the first place. However, he must hand over the power of play-calling to someone else.

Although offensive coordinator Dave Ragone spends most of his time working with the quarterbacks, I think the Falcons can do better than him, especially if Moore is on the open market like he is expected to be in the wake of Brandon Staley's termination. I am not sure how well it will coalesce with Moore calling plays for Smith, but the Falcons have to do something different to save its offense.

We have not seen a Falcons defense quite like this since honestly the original Dirty Birds from 1998.