Latest Chase Claypool update makes futile Bears trade somehow even worse

The Chicago Bears took an L in the Chase Claypool trade. But a recent report could make matters even worse.

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

Former Chicago Bears wide receiver Chase Claypool's career has gone off the rails since Ryan Poles traded a second-round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers for his services in 2022. That selection became Joey Porter Jr., a Steelers legacy who could be a future star at the position.

Claypool, meanwhile, fizzled out with Chicago and was eventually dealt with the Miami Dolphins, where he received very little playing time. Claypool was unhappy with his role in both Pittsburgh and eventually Chicago. The underlying factor that Claypool never considered was the fact that he wasn't performing up to expectations.

Though he looks like a wide receiver, talks like a wide receiver and has hands, there is still no guarantee Claypool can catch. Claypool's next home could be out of the NFL altogether.

Chase Claypool could head home to play in the Canadian Football League

Claypool is still evaluating his options, as TSN's Farhan Lalji reported Tuesday that some NFL teams have interest in the embattled wideout. If Claypool were to take them up on their offer, the Saskatchewan Roughriders would have the first and best opportunity to sign the homegrown star to a contract in Canada.

Per CFL rules, teams are limited to 45 players on the Exclusive Negotiation List. Any of those players can be signed if they don't have a valid contract in another league, such as the NFL.

Pros and Cons of Chase Claypool signing in the CFL

As funny as it would be to Steelers fans if Claypool signs with the Roughriders, it's unlikely at this point. Claypool is still in his theoretical athletic prime, as he's under 30 years old.

Assuming Claypool is healthy and willing to play a secondary role in the wide receiver room, he should be able to find a home somewhere in the NFL based purely on the potential which landed the Steelers a second-round pick from Chicago in the first place. It's still there, even if Claypool never becomes the receiver Poles believed he could be.

The alternative has its benefits, as well. Playing in the CFL is a step down, but it does give Claypool a chance to play closer to home and perhaps revive his football career in the process should he have a successful stint in Canada.

At this point there is no one who can change Claypool's narrative but the man himself. He should take whichever path he's most comfortable with.