College football fans immediately concerned for Lee Corso on College GameDay

College GameDay had 88-year-old Lee Corso on the set for Week 1 in Charlotte for UNC vs. South Carolina and fans became immediately concerned.
Virginia Tech v Tennessee
Virginia Tech v Tennessee / Michael Shroyer/GettyImages

Virtually every college football fan in America started Saturday morning of Week 1 in the 2023 season the way the universe intended -- flipping over to ESPN to watch College GameDay to begin the morning. And as he's been for years and years, there was the legendary Lee Corso at the desk in Charlotte for the marquee matchup between North Carolina and South Carolina.

At 88 years old, however, there are some people who have criticized ESPN for continuing to utilize Corso on College GameDay out of concern for the college football legend's health and well-being.

Those fans didn't quiet their calls on Saturday in Week 1 as it was worrisome for Corso right away. As Kirk Herbstreit, Rece Davis, Pat McAfee and Desmond Howard began break down the matchup between TCU and Colorado, which Corso responded to by not mentioning either team and, in apparent confusion, assessing LSU vs. Florida State.

Lee Corso immediately concerns college football fans on College GameDay

Though there were obviously defenders of ESPN and College GameDay for what they called allowing Corso to continue working around his passion of college football, the general sentiment among fans was concern.

Over the past few years, Corso has appeared to struggle more evidently and frequently when on the GameDay set, stumbling over sentences, appearing disconnected from the ongoing conversation, and taking more frequent breaks during a single show and missing more shows on the whole as well.

At the end of the day, some of this decision is surely Corso's -- this is what the man loves and he should have a say in continuing to do that. However, if he is clearly not in good enough health to continue to do this job well, then it's a clear lack of respect and tact on the part of the network to continue to prop up a legend in bad faith.

Lee Corso deserves every bit of reverence that he's given from college football fans. And really, we just hope he's okay and happy working with College GameDay and that ESPN isn't forcing him into any uncomfortable position.

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