Lions celebrated season-opening win over Chiefs like their own Super Bowl

The Detroit Lions celebrated their season-opening win over the Kansas City Chiefs like a Super Bowl victory of their own, and who can blame them?
Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Detroit Lions won their season-opening game against the Kansas City Chiefs, serving as a spoiler of sorts as KC's Super Bowl banner was unveiled at Arrowhead Stadium pregame. Detroit head coach Dan Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes celebrated the team's win postgame, and did so in exhilarating fashion.

Campbell himself is one of the best personalities in professional football, and while his initial commentary may have rubbed some fans the wrong way (kneecaps, etc), he's been a motivational force for this Lions team. Holmes put the right coaches around Campbell, as well, in Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn. 

After a harrowing victory over the Chiefs, Campbell had plenty to say to his team.

When asked if he learned anything about this Lions team on Thursday, Campbell dropped the mic.

“I didn’t learn anything,” Campbell said. “I got verification on what I already knew.”

Dan Campbell, Brad Holmes celebrate Lions victory over Chiefs

For some fans -- like Chiefs Kingdom themselves -- this may serve as a Minnesota Timberwolves-like celebration. As in, Detroit ought to act like they've been here before. However, the Lions...really haven't seen much sustained success as an organization. The Lions have never won a Super Bowl, and haven't made the playoffs in six years. Winning at Arrowhead -- along with their season-ending win over the Packers at Lambeau Field in 2022 -- are perhaps the franchise's biggest victories of late.

So, it's tough to blame Lions fans who have been waiting for a winner for celebrating. Heck, even Holmes got in on it.

“This is a resilient team, “ Campbell said. “It already was a resilient team and we added pieces to that resilient team. We’re built to handle some stuff and we did that today against a very good opponent.”

Holmes deserves credit for building that team, and Campbell for overseeing the operation.

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