Long live the Tush Push! Eagles instantly become biggest winners of NFL offseason

The Eagles' greatest short-yardage weapon isn't going anywhere.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (1) scores a touchdown on a quarterback sneak.
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (1) scores a touchdown on a quarterback sneak. / Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY

It wasn't a signing or a trade that made the Philadelphia Eagles' offseason. It was an NFL decision...more accurately, a decision the NFL didn't make.

NFL executive Troy Vincent revealed on Thursday that the league is not considering any proposals this offseason that would attempt to ban the "Tush Push" or "Brotherly Shove" for the 2024 season.

That's outstanding news for the Eagles, who will be happy to continue using their greatest short-yardage weapon.

Eagles don't have to worry about a "Tush Push" ban

The idea of banning the "Tush Push" has floated around NFL circles since the Eagles started using it. They're basically unstoppable out of the heavy set with players behind quarterback Jalen Hurts helping to push him forward for yardage.

Others have tried to replicate the play with limited success — which is the problem. Teams can't stop it and they can't seem to use it themselves with the same reliability, so they want it banned.

The argument for banning it beyond "the Eagles are too good at it," comes down to player safety. The scrum created by the play puts a whole lot of strain on the players at the center of it.

Whether it's about safety or competitive balance, whatever talk there was of banning the play has died out. It will be a legal play during the 2024 season. If anyone wants to push for it to be banned, it'll have to wait for 2025.

It will be interesting to see if it is seen as the same nuisance by then. Jason Kelce was a key piece of the play's success in Philly. The center's retirement could diminish the play's effectiveness. We'll have to see if Cam Jurgens and the rebuilt Eagles offensive line can remain one of the top units in the league.

The Eagles signed Saquon Barkley and made other big moves this offseason, but the return of the "Tush Push" could be there biggest win yet.

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