Matt Chapman contract details, grade: Giants land Gold Glove 3B at fair price

The San Francisco Giants are serious about their push to contend in 2024.

Matt Chapman, Toronto Blue Jays
Matt Chapman, Toronto Blue Jays / David Berding/GettyImages

The 'Scott Boras Four' is now the 'Scott Boras Three' as both Cody Bellinger and Matt Chapman are off the board. While Bellinger stuck around with the Chicago Cubs, Chapman is charting a new path. He will join the San Francisco Giants, per Jon Heyman of the New York Post.

It's a three-year deal worth $54 million total, with descending annual value each season ($20M, $18M, $16M). The deal also includes two opt-outs, bearing striking resemblance to the three-year, two-opt-out deal Bellinger signed in Chicago. Seems like Boras is up to his usual tricks.

Chapman retains a great deal of leverage with this deal. If he plays well, he can test the waters again next offseason — a virtual guarantee, knowing how Boras tends to operate. If he struggles, the Giants are on the hook for all three years.

Giants land Matt Chapman on three-year deal with multiple opt-outs

This is strong value for the Giants, at least relative to where Chapman's asking price was when the offseason began. With spring training well underway, Chapman was forced to budge off his long-term demands and accept a short-term deal. Still, he keeps control over his future and ensures the opportunity to test free agency again before he ages out of his prime.

It's a team-friendly contract and a player-friendly contract. The Giants, at worst, are on the hook for three years. Chapman is one of the best defensive third basemen in the MLB, netting his fourth Gold Glove last season. He can also contribute significantly at the plate. That is not an unreasonable risk.

Chapman spent last season in a mild funk, but he still slashed a respectable .240/.330/.424 with 17 home runs and 54 RBI in 509 AB. Strikeouts are a common frustration with Chapman, but he can hit the cover off the ball. His hard-hit rate (56.4 percent) landed in the 100th percentile. We should expect more home runs next season, especially in the hitter-friendly Oracle Park.

The Giants are leaving a lot of leverage in Chapman's hands, which could result in a brief marriage. Even so, to land a player of his quality for $20 million — even if it's for a year and that's it — feels like a win. Chapman will take over third base duties, presumably booting Wilmer Flores to first base.

In the process, Chapman reunites with his former Oakland Athletics manager Bob Melvin in the Bay Area. This should be a comfortable partnership on multiple levels, despite the baked-in uncertainty tied to his contract structure.

Grade: B

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