Miami football’s latest ticketing ploy is a sad statement on the Canes

Miami football is running a buy one, get one free ticket deal in order to entice fans to come out against Texas A&M. How sad does this make a once mighty Miami program look?

Miami v Texas A&M
Miami v Texas A&M / Jack Gorman/GettyImages

As part of the promotion to make more ticket sales, Miami football is offering a deal where, if fans buy a ticket to their Wwek 2 game against Texas A&M, they can get one free ticket to the game against Georgia Tech.

The Miami football program has not been in a very good state lately, especially by the standard of The U. The Hurricanes were once a top dog in the 90s but only won five games last season, the first year under head coach Mario Cristobal.

The Hurricanes currently play their home games in Hard Rock Stadium. Oftentimes, the stadium is shockingly empty with the state of Miami. Additionally, the stadium holds over 65,000 seats which is hard for any college football program outside of the SEC or contending for a national title to fill.

Miami football's BOGO ticket offer is a sad state of affairs

It is not uncommon for lesser-known programs to offer deals such as this in order to entice fans to come fill up the stadium. Memphis had a deal where, if fans bought a ticket for their game against Bethune-Cookman and the team won, they would get a free ticket to the game against Navy. This would continue until the Tigers lost a game.

But for a Miami football program with a proud tradition to offer such a deal is terrible optics.

Tyler Van Dyke has been unable to live up to the hype of being one of the better quarterbacks in college football. Despite blowing out the other Miami, the one in Ohio, in Week 1, it seems like the Hurricanes have a long way to go if they want to reach national relevancy again.

It makes total sense for a school that has a rebuilding product to sell to offer the kind of deal that Miami is offering. Still, for the Hurricanes to be in that situation shows how much a program that won five national championships in the 90s and early 00s has fallen.

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