Michael Jordan texted Stephen A. Smith at 5:54 a.m. to argue about the point guard GOAT

Despite Stephen Curry's self-proclaimed number one status, Michael Jordan says Magic Johnson is still the best point guard of all time. 

Feb 20, 2022; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Michael Jordan is honored at halftime during the 2022 NBA
Feb 20, 2022; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Michael Jordan is honored at halftime during the 2022 NBA / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Gilbert Arenas asked Steph Curry a loaded question: "Are you the best point guard ever?" To which Steph answered, "Yes. It's me and Magic? That would be the conversation?"

Steph Curry or Magic Johnson? Michael Jordan's answer revealed

One of the most popular narratives in sports is who is the greatest of all time. Seeing as the dog days of the offseason are upon us, basketball fans have nothing left to do but debate. Figuring out who the best point guard of all time is might be the only thing holding us together until training camp starts. After Curry's answer, fans, analysts, and even former players began to weigh in.

Seeing as these were players from two very different eras, with two very different styles, a case could be made for either. As Arenas pointed out, "I can witness and watch every kid trying to be Curry." Then, there's Magic, who was more dominant physically, a better passer, and (I'll play to the cheap seats here) won more championships.

But, if there's one basketball opinion everyone respects, it's Michael Jeffrey Jordan's. That's right, even when he's out of the league, he's still involved in offseason debates. (And if that doesn't show you how long this offseason has been, nothing will.)

At 5:54 a.m., Michael Jordan sent Stephen A. Smith a text message, with instructions to read the message aloud on the air. The text reads:

"Although the greatest of anything is always a debate. I beg to differ on greatest point guard of all time. Magic Johnson is easily the best PG of all-time. Steph Curry is very close, but not in front of Magic. You must define point guard to really have a serious debate."

Michael Jordan's text to Stephen A.

"Magic Johnson invented the triple-double." Jordan wrote in his message to Smith. "Not true invented, but, makes it more noticeable in terms of the impact on the game. It's a point guard stat to be honest. Magic was the best." Jordan clearly has a lot of love and respect for his 1992 Dream Team co-star. MJ credits Johnson with impacting the game in different ways beyond scoring. Jordan's opinion shows that being a true point guard takes more than shooting contested fadeaway threes.

Jordan still gave Curry credit, admitting in that same text that, "Steph Curry is by far the best shooter of all time." At this point though, that's hardly even an opinion. He can't move up the career 3-point list, because he's already at the top. So, he's literally setting the bar. Still, perimeter shooting aside, Jordan's convinced Magic is the best point guard of all time. 

Jordan ended his text to Stephen A. Smith with, "By the way, Magic won five NBA championships." In conclusion, the goat has spoken. Could Curry win another ring for the Warriors at age 35 and shift the conversation? We'll have to wait and see. 

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