Michael Thomas's cryptic Tweet seems to blame Derek Carr for putting receivers in harm's way

Hard to say what exactly to take from Michael Thomas's in-game Tweeting. But it sure doesn't seem favorable to his quarterback, Derek Carr.

Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

Michael Thomas, on the injured list, is watching his New Orleans Saints take on the Detroit Lions away from the team as he continues to work through his injury.

Thomas can't help but get in on the discourse around the team, taking to Twitter to make his thoughts known... Cryptically. He seemed to slam Derek Carr early in the game as fans were booing him as he came on the field to replace Taysom Hill.

Then, later, he seems to suggest Carr can't see, and also blames his lack of field vision as a reason why players are getting hurt.

Michael Thomas Tweet is cryptic enough, but looks like a dig at Carr

Here is what Thomas had to say:

Maybe he's talking about another game entirely. Heck, there's no proof here he's even talking about football. But he's clearly watching the game, and he Tweeted about a throw Carr missed and liked another Tweet suggesting Carr is missing open receivers.

Regardless of if he's Tweeting about Carr on this cryptic one, he's definitely critiquing him missing open receivers. Taking that to a public forum feels ill advised, at the very least.

Thomas "liked" a post that joked that Carr gave Thomas a "hospital pass" to openly critique him on Twitter and "stir up drama," as another user put it.

Thomas hit the injured list Nov. 21 and will miss at least four games, this being the second of the four.