Michael Thomas Twitter rant proves he and Saints are done once and for all; Throws Carr under bus

Michael Thomas and social media have never mixed well. Championship Sunday shouldn't have involved the Saints at all.

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

New Orleans Saints fans didn't get to watch their team in the NFL Playoffs this year, and while that's ultimately disappointing, the upside for them -- and fans of 28 other teams -- is they can kick back and enjoy Championship Sunday in peace. All you need to do is turn the TV on and enjoy some of the most anticipated games of the year.

Or, so Saints fans thought. Instead, Michael Thomas's Twitter activity, once again, was a massive distraction.

He showed for certain that he and the Saints are done for heading into the 2024 season, setting the table for him to play for the first team outside of New Orleans for the first time in his NFL career.

Michael Thomas uses Championship Sunday as an in to drag Derek Carr

Michael Thomas took some subtle digs at Derek Carr while he was still on the Saints, some Tweeted out during games that he was watching from home while on the injured list.

Replying to a fan that suggested Thomas could reach his statistical heights from when Drew Brees was his quarterback, Thomas said:

"well if I didn’t get set up by a bad ball I probably would’ve had a light little 1k yards this year but could of should of I know I get it lol"

Responding to a fan following up on that Tweet saying a change of scenery would be good, Thomas said:

"on top of that they wasn’t even trying to get me the ball but it’s no denying my style of play it dont age playa you will see."

Thomas appeared in 10 games this season and went on the injured list on November 21st. He never returned to the team healthy enough to play again. He secured 448 yards of receptions on 11.5 yards per reception. His 7.0 yards per target was a career low.

Thomas's time with New Orleans seemed done after the 2022 season, but he restructured his deal to come back and try things out with Carr. Clearly, from Thomas's vantage point, that didn't work out. Expect to see him move on, because he's not a fan of playing for this team anymore.

Kind of spoiled to start his career with Drew Brees, it seems.

Previously, Thomas's Tweets on the matter were even more cryptic, some even suggesting that passes were so poorly placed that they put receivers in an unsafe, injury-prone position. He campaigned for other receivers who he viewed to be wide open to get the ball more, like A.T Perry, when he was watching from home.

This set of Tweets appears far more clear.

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