Baseball 40-40 club: Which MLB players have hit 40 HRs with 40 SBs?

Braves superstar Ronald Acuña Jr. has joined baseball's 40-40 club. Which illustrious list of MLB players have accomplished the feat in the big leagues previously?
Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves
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Atlanta Braves superstar Ronald Acuña Jr. has made history and is just the fifth player in baseball history to join the MLB 40-40 club.

For the unititiated or unaware, the 40-40 club in MLB is when a player hits 40 home runs and accrues 40 stolen bases in the same season. If that sounds particularly impressive, that's because it is. And the rarity of it being accomplished in the big leagues only further amplifies that consideration.

Acuña hit his 38th and 39th home runs of the season against the Phillies on Tuesday, Sept. 19. Then, on Friday against the Nationals, he hit his 40th home run of the season, putting himself in the 40-40 club -- and, with 68 stolen bases, is nearing the creation of the 40-70 club.

But how many players in MLB have done that before and what did their years look like?

Let's take a look.

MLB 40-40 club: Full list of players and stats

MLB Player


Home Runs

Stolen Bases


Jose Canseco

Athletics (1988)




Barry Bonds

Giants (1996)




Alex Rodriguez

Mariners (1998)




Alfonso Soriano

Nationals (2006)




Ronald Acuña Jr.

Braves (2023)




Acuña's slash line with the 2023 Braves shoulddwarf some his 40-40 club predecessors if he does join. On the season, he's slashing a ridiculous .337/.415/.597, giving him the best batting average of the group and an OBP and slugging percentage only behind Bonds in 1996.

Another interesting note is that only one of the four players won MVP in their 40-40 season, which was Jose Canseco in 1988. Bonds finished fifth in NL MVP voting in 1996, Alex Rodriguez finished ninth in AL MVP voting in 1998, while Alfonso Soriano finished sixth in 2006.

Even if it doesn't guarantee a player an MVP win, hitting 40 home runs while stealing 40 bases is a truly incredible feat.

Has any MLB player ever hit 40 home runs with 60 stolen bases?

As you can see above, no MLB player had ever hit 40 homers with 60 stolen bags in a season. Acuña Jr. joining the 40-40 club in the 2023 season, however, also makes him the founding member of the 40-60 club as well. Talk about making history while making history.

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