MLB brings back fan-favorite initiative with a really dumb catch thanks to Rob Manfred

MLB is bringing back a popular event this summer. However, it comes with a very unfortunate catch.
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Players Weekend is making its return this summer.

During the weekend of August 16-18, players will wear customized hats and be allowed to use customized gear.

This was a fan favorite for several years. Players Weekend first took place in 2017, with the most recent one taking place in 2019. This year, each day will feature different aspects that enhance the weekend.

On Friday, August 16, fun aspects of players' personalities, friendships, and off-field interests will be featured. The following day will have a special focus on charitable causes close to players' hearts. The weekend will conclude with players celebrating those who helped them pave their way to the big leagues.

This all sounds fun of course, but there's one frustrating catch. The players will not be permitted to wear custom jerseys with their nicknames on the back.

MLB Players Weekend returns with unfortunate twist

MLB Players Weekend may be back, but it makes its return with a frustrating catch thanks to Commissioner Rob Manfred.

The most exciting part of Players Weekend in the past has been the custom jerseys with players' nicknames on the back. Unfortunately, that has been taken away by Manfred.

The whole point of Players Weekend is to celebrate the players and give them an opportunity to show off their lighter side with their nicknames on the backs of their jerseys. While what is included is still exciting, this year's rendition of Players Weekend is missing the thing that made it such a fun and unique experience in the first place.

These days, MLB seems to have somewhat of a buzzkill effect. The best part of Players Weekend has been taken away, and this is coming after they partnered with Fanatics, who bungled the uniforms.

There was also a moment earlier in the season when Los Angeles Angels star Nolan Schanuel lost his historic on-base streak because of a scoring change that took place a week after the actual game.

The least they could do is allow players to wear the custom jerseys with their nicknames on the back, but it seems that anything that's fun is a problem for MLB.

Hopefully, this won't ruin the Players Weekend experience. But it certainly won't be the same without the nicknames and custom jerseys.

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