MLB Rumors: Brian Snitker's future, Red Sox GM job, Cody Bellinger

  • Will Brian Snitker return to the Atlanta Braves?
  • What's the latest on the Boston Red Sox GM job?
  • Cody Bellinger's future is more clear.

Division Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves - Game One
Division Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves - Game One / Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/GettyImages
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MLB Rumors: What's the latest on Brian Snitker's status with the Braves?

Brian Snitker's status was in some question after the Braves lost to the Phillies in the NLDS despite finishing the regular season with 104 wins. That didn't last long, however, as Alex Anthopoulos was quick to come to the defense of his veteran manager. Frankly, firing Snitker after a historic Braves campaign would've been a major surprise, and one that could've set the franchise back for quite some time.

“I fully expect him (to return), yeah. Obviously, we talked a lot after the game and we’re already talking about saying goodbye to players, see you in spring training and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, absolutely," Anthopoulos said.

FanSided's MLB insider Robert Murray doubled down on Anthopoulos' comments, suggesting that Snitker would not be on the managerial free agent market for long if he were let go.

"Besides, if the Braves ever let go of Snitker, he would surely be picked up in an instant by another franchise. Snitker isn’t going anywhere. He’ll be managing the team for the foreseeable future and Anthopolous will be the one making the decisions in the front office," Murray wrote.

Snitker is one of the more respected managers in baseball. Yes, his team came up short in a big moment, which hurts. Losing to the Phillies two postseasons in a row carries some weight, too, and Anthopoulos cannot sit on his hands this winter. Changes must be made, but Snit should be involved in those, rather than one of them.