MLB Rumors: Yamamoto surprise team, Corbin Burnes sleeper, Reds-Glasnow trade

  • The Chicago Cubs can't be counted out for Yoshinobu Yamamoto
  • A sleeper team emerges for Brewers ace Corbin Burnes
  • If the Reds trade for Tyler Glasnow, this package works.

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MLB Rumors: Could the Cincinnati Reds trade for Tyler Glasnow?

The Cincinnati Reds are an ace away from making some serious noise in the NL Central, which is as winnable as ever. The Reds lack of pitching eventually caught up with them towards the end of last season, despite an exciting preview of what's to come thanks to Elly De La Cruz and Matt McLain, among others. The starting pitching is not there at the moment, which is why Cincinnati should be active via trade and free agency in bringing in a few starters to buoy their rotation.

Glasnow makes a lot of sense for several reasons. First, he is a rental. Second, his asking price shouldn't be all that hight given his injury issues, so he won't cost the Reds an arm and a leg in arbitration. However, a long-term deal in Cincinnati would be tough to achieve given the Reds are a small-market team.

Jim Bowden, a former GM who now writes for The Athletic, proposed a potential trade package for Cincinnati to acquire Glasnow. The Reds have a loaded farm system, and Bowden suggested that they should trade away top-100 prospect Connor Phillips, who is MLB-ready, for Glasnow. The added prospects in this trade include Graham Ashcraft, among others.

As a rental, the Reds probably have more negotiating power than Bowden is giving them credit for in terms of Glasnow. He's farm from the workhorse some are making him out to be. That being said, the price for starting pitching both in free agency and the trade market is immense right now.