Monty Williams calls out refs after horrendous no-call that handed Knicks win over Pistons

After barely losing to a short-handed New York Knicks squad, coach Monty Williams had a lot to say about a no-call made by the refs.

Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks
Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks / Elsa/GettyImages

As Ausar Thompson got straight-up tackled by Donte DiVincenzo, Pistons's head coach Monty Williams had a lot to say. Williams called the no-call the "absolute worst call of the season". The veteran coach in the league added that Detroit has been trying to talk to the league for a while about these types of calls but has been unable to get any successful resolution.

The Pistons were already disadvantaged since this game was originally supposed to be in Detroit. New York was given another home game since their ratio was messed up because of the in-season tournament. The Knicks left the door open for bad calls to be a deciding factor in this game as the franchise sleepwalked their way against a poor Pistons squad.

While the squad has played better since the mega losing streak that they had earlier in the season, New York made a lot of key mistakes that allowed the Pistons to win the game. The question that should be asked is if the franchise deserved to beat New York due to their overall performance or a missed call.

Should the Pistons have won this game or is the missed call just a excuse of why they lost?

To be quite honest, the Pistons should have beaten the Knicks. Despite the franchise facing a lot of injuries, the Pistons are one of the worst squads in the league. Yes, the squad has been playing better since their mega-losing streak earlier in the season, but they are clearly not a good squad.

The Knicks slept-walked their way through this game and almost gave away this game in the closing minutes with poor play on both sides of the court. The New York Knicks were gifted a chance to keep themselves from losing in regulation but Josh Hart missed the final throw attempt before the tackle.

The franchise also missed multiple jump shots in the closing minutes. No matter what team deserved to win the game, Monty Williams was right in a key call being missed.

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