5 teams who could give Isaiah Thomas the revival he seeks

Isaiah Thomas is still pining for one more NBA shot. Will he get it?

Isaiah Thomas, Charlotte Hornets
Isaiah Thomas, Charlotte Hornets / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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2. Isaiah Thomas finishing his career with the Boston Celtics just feels right

Look, at the end of the day, Thomas gave the best basketball years of his life to the Boston Celtics. He fought through personal tragedy and widespread doubt to deliver back-to-back All-Star seasons. He finished fifth in MVP voting during the 2016-17 campaign, an incredible accomplishment that probably doesn't happen with any other NBA franchise.

The Celtics wouldn't have a role for Thomas now, except for that of a locker room vet and a garbage time gunner. But, it gives Thomas a chance to win his first ring before he hangs up his shoes, and there's some elegant poetry to that concept. Thomas' tenure in Boston ended on a sour note, but he still respects the franchise — a respect I have to imagine is reciprocated.

If Thomas deserves to occupy a spot on the bench for one NBA team, it's Boston. There's really no way around it, other than the fact that it probably won't happen.

1. Isaiah Thomas can give the San Antonio Spurs a real point guard

Look, the San Antonio Spurs should not put their rebuild on ice to give Isaiah Thomas free rein of the offense. That said, the Spurs do need another ball-handler to truly elevate the scheme around Victor Wembanyama. Odds are Thomas is not that ball-handler, but it wouldn't be the worst experiment of all-time for a team racing toward the NBA basement.

Wemby is probably the best possible complement to Thomas. If we were trying to invent the perfect IT co-star in a lab, it's the 7-foot-4 big who can score all over the floor and completely seal off the paint on defense. Thomas needs an especially strong rim protector at his back on defense. There isn't a single defender in the NBA who covers more ground than Wembanyama.

Toss Thomas into a few Wemby pick-and-rolls and see what happens!

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