NBA Rumors: Bulls haven’t given up on trading their untradable star

Even though the Chicago Bulls were unable to trade Zach LaVine at the deadline, the franchise is set on getting rid of him this offseason.

Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors
Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

As the Chicago Bulls try to keep themselves in the play-in tournament, the front office is set on trading one veteran that they are currently missing.

According to K.C Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago, the Bulls "will look to trade LaVine again this offseason." The former two-time All-Star is currently recovering from a foot surgery that is supposed to take four to six months to rehab.

LaVine will be hard to move as he has $138 million over the next three years left on his contract. Before the surgery, teams were finding it hard to justify trading for LaVine since his contract made it hard to bite. Additionally, the recent changes to the collective bargaining agreement make it hard for teams to justify going way over the luxury tax.

Since the market is already poor, it will be very hard for any team to move on from LaVine if they choose to trade for him. It is so poor that the Bulls may have to attach a positive asset to get a deal done. With that in mind, is there any market for LaVine?

Will the Bulls be able to move Zach LaVine this offseason?

To be quite honest, it's extremely unlikely that the Bulls will be able to get rid of LaVine if the franchise doesn't add a positive asset to the deal. The Lakers could be interested in trading for LaVine but they will most likely wait until the rest of their prospects fall through. Another team that could end up going after LaVine is the Sixers.

Like the Lakers, the Sixers will most likely kick the can if their free-agent plans fall through this offseason.

One team that could possibly not wait around is the Pistons. Detroit was interested in trading for LaVine and could find a way to take on the guard if they choose to make a path for the playoffs.

At the end of the day, the Bulls are likely done with LaVine and will continue to try to trade him this offseason.

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