Zach LaVine trade rumors: Why isn’t there a market for Bulls star?

A major NBA insider has said that the Bulls haven't been able to find a market for Zach LaVine. Why hasn't the team been able to find deals for the scorer?

Chicago Bulls v Philadelphia 76ers
Chicago Bulls v Philadelphia 76ers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, it seems like the trade market for Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine is non-existent with the rest of the NBA waiting until the Dec. 15 free agent restriction lifts and more players are available for trade.

Woj also mentions that the Bulls will most likely not be able to get full value for the former dunk contest winner due to the fact he has a max-level contract and will most likely not be the first or second-best player on a contending team.

Currently, the veteran will be out with an injury that will most likely sideline him for the next week at least. With his high contract and the recent Collective Bargaining Agreement heavily incentivizing teams to be below the luxury tax, it seems like teams aren't really loading their offers with first-round draft picks.

Considering those factors, it is worth questioning whether the Bulls will end up getting a big player and pick return even if they wait until the trade deadline.

Will the Bulls end up getting a big trade return for Zack LaVine?

With the factors that surround LaVine's contract, it is unlikely that the Bulls will get a huge trade return when it comes to a trade. It is possible that Chicago will end up getting a good draft pick return or solid player in return but it is improbable that they will get both.

At the end of the day, the Bulls will most likely have to choose between trade offers that aren't exactly loaded with great players and valuable draft picks. A good example of this is what the Lakers will most likely offer for the scorer. Los Angeles will most likely be able to keep more coveted players like Austin Reaves or Rui Hachimura and will instead offer a deal that is filled with players who will be used to make the deal salary-wise.

The main motivation for the Bulls to accept the deal is that the Lakers are likely to offer first-round swaps and an end-of-decade first-round pick. With these kinds of deals being offered to the Bulls, it makes a lot of sense why Chicago's front office would say that there isn't a market for the star.

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