NBA rumors: Bulls want to trade Zach LaVine before considering other deals

With the Chicago Bulls seemingly preparing for a fire sale, Zach LaVine is set up as the first trade domino to fall.

Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors
Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

According to KC Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago, it seems like the Chicago Bulls will try to move Zach LaVine first before trading other veterans on the team. The Bulls have tons of players that could end up trading besides LaVine. That list includes Alex Caruso, DeMar DeRozan, Nikola Vucevic, Jevon Carter and others who could be on the move.

The Bulls could end up tearing down a good chunk of this roster but it will most likely have to wait until the Dec. 15 free agent trade restriction deadline expires. This comes in context with another report that says the Bulls will likely end up trading LaVine on a date after Dec. 15.

Whether the Bulls shock the entire NBA world and start selling off players now or wait until late December, it seems like Chicago will get some kind of trade return for their players. The question is how many assets will the Bulls get for their entire roster.

After selling off Zach LaVine and others, what kind of trade return can the Bulls expect?

It is extremely hard to estimate the overall trade return that the Bulls will get for all of their players. This is because it's hard to say how desperate opposing GMs will be when it comes to their trade offers. Still, Zach LaVine's contract and age make it hard to see a GM offer two or more first-round picks for the dunk contest champion.

It is also reasonable to see that Alex Caruso will end up getting traded for a first-round pick or two because he is an elite role player in this league. DeMar DeRozan could end up getting traded up for a collection of second-round picks because even though he has a lot of talent, he is an aging player in this league who will be in search of a new deal this offseason.

DeRozan also has a high salary and it will require a lot to match the player's salary. Other players like Andre Drummond could end up getting moved but it's clear the first move for the Bulls will most likely be trading LaVine.

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