NBA rumors: Insider names three likely landing spots for Buddy Hield

As NBA training camps come closer every day, it seems like the main suitors for Buddy Hield have been revealed.

New Orleans Pelicans v Indiana Pacers
New Orleans Pelicans v Indiana Pacers / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

According to Shams Charania, three NBA teams have been named as likely landing spots for Buddy Hield. The Sixers, Mavericks, and Bucks have been named as trade spots for Hield. This comes after the Pacers have chosen to offer Hield on the open market after an extension fell apart between both sides.

It's unclear what the Sixers will look like after the Harden saga finally ends but the team will most likely end up with a glut of expiring contracts and could search to make a cheap-ish upgrade in Hield. The three-point specialist would go really well with Embiid's MVP level inner big man offense. The sharpshooter could be a long-term fit for the team if they choose to acquire him.

The Mavericks were mentioned as a team that could trade for Hield and it seems like the front office agrees with the public that he would be a good fit with Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic. The Bucks are one semi-unexpected team to have an interest in Hield.

It would have seemed wise for this team to save up their limited first-round picks for a superstar to entice Giannis Antetokounmpo around. Still, Hield would be a really good fit on a team that could be nearing the end of their title window.

Which teams are most likely to trade for Buddy Hield?

Of these three teams, the Sixers are most likely to pull off a deal. This is a team that still needs to retool their roster post-Harden trade. The team will most likely have enough expiring to make a deal between the two sides. They would also be able to have enough middle-tier young players/one first-round pick from the Harden trade to get Indiana to bite on a deal.

The price for an upgrade that will work wonders with Embiid is too small to give up. With that in mind, the Sixers will most likely be the most willing to pull the trigger.

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