NBA Rumors: KD wants roster input, Harden security check, Carlisle extended

  • Pacers extend head coach Rick Carlisle
  • James Harden tried to board 76ers' team plane for Milwaukee, but was denied
  • Kevin Durant wants his voice heard on Suns personnel decisions

Kevin Durant, Phoenix Suns
Kevin Durant, Phoenix Suns / D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports
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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant advocated for Bradley Beal and wants input on Suns' personnel decisions

Kevin Durant spoke plainly with Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports about his perceived role within the Phoenix Suns franchise.

"I just want to be aware on making decisions, who should be on the team, I give my suggestions and input and hopefully they take it in and value my opinion. But if they don’t, I still come to work and do my job."

The 13-time All-Star said he was vocal about the team's pursuit of Bradley Beal over the summer. Durant expressed a general interest in learning the other side of basketball negotiations and voiced his appreciation for Phoenix involving players in the process.

Rest assured that Durant is not the only NBA superstar who has a say in personnel decisions. Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Joel Embiid, heck, Devin Booker — all these guys have considerable sway over how their respective front offices operate. As former Warriors president Bob Myers noted on the ESPN pregame broadcast, a smart GM goes to his best player before making any major decision.

The Suns are positioned for a productive regular season and a potentially deep playoff run. While Phoenix did have to sacrifice Chris Paul and what little remained on their draft capital to land Beal, it's impossible to dispute the offensive ceiling of three scorers as gifted as Durant, Booker, and Beal working in tandem.

Now, if only the Suns can get healthy.


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