NBA rumors: Knicks interested in top veteran possibly available

With the Knicks' front office embracing a veteran-led roster, it seems like New York is currently chasing one of the top veterans on the market.

Indiana Pacers v Portland Trail Blazers
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As the New York Knicks continue to dangle Quentin Grimes in trade talks, it seems like the squad could be interested in trading for an upgrade at the backup guard spots.

According to Marc Stein, the Knicks are expected to show interest in trading for Malcolm Brogdon if the Trail Blazers make him available.

With the Blazers being one of the worst teams in the NBA, the franchise is likely to make Brogdon's basketball services obtainable. Portland is in the first year of a major rebuild and could use as many draft picks as they could get. New York, on the other hand, could benefit from Brogdon's ball-handling in their run for the playoffs.

The team has been missing a lot of offensive creation since trading Immanuel Quickley to the Raptors for O.G. Anunoby. While the team has benefited from their Anunoby acquisition, the squad is missing something in their bench lineup as the team turns the corner into February. With this in mind, what does a potential deal for Brogdon look like for the Knicks?

What kind of deal can the Knicks offer for Malcolm Brogdon?

To be quite honest, the New York Knicks potentially have a compelling offer for the Trail Blazers to consider. They can easily offer Evan Fournier as the main salary to make a deal work. The Knicks could then offer Quentin Grimes to entice Portland into a deal. To sweeten the offer, New York could add their first-round draft pick for this year.

While the Knicks can easily do this deal, it may not be the best thing for them in the long term. Trading Grimes would take away the only young player that the Knicks have to offer in a trade for an All-NBA veteran this summer. Yes, trading for Brogdon still does allow the Knicks to have a big salary to start building a trade but the franchise already has Evan Fournier for that purpose under a team option for next season

At the end of the day, any upgrade that the Knicks try to make at this season's deadline will only limit their chances of building an adequate trade package for an All-NBA talent this offseason. No matter what happens, it seems like New York will continue to be involved in trade rumors up to the deadline.

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