NBA rumors: Warriors could be a sleeper trade candidate for Jrue Holiday

An NBA insider has said that the Warriors would be open to a Jrue Holiday trade. Does it make sense if the Warriors use assets to trade for the guard?

Milwaukee Bucks v Golden State Warriors
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According to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, the Warriors could be interested in trading for Jrue Holiday. Mannix notes that the Warriors have a giant expiring in Chris Paul that could get a deal done salary-wise. Additionally, the team has prospects that the Trail Blazers could be interested in. This includes Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody for the player side of the deal. The Warriors could also add a draft pick or two to get a deal.

While not trying to discredit the reporting, the Warriors will most likely have reported interest in every 3-and-D wing defender over the next couple of months. When the team made the trade for Chris Paul, it was done with the idea that the Warriors would have way less luxury tax debt and have tradable contracts for this season. Paul's contract is not guaranteed next season which makes his $30 million contract a giant expiring.

Would it be a smart move for the Warriors to trade for Jrue Holiday?

Due to the fact that the team has a lot of questions about their size, it is probably not a good idea to trade for Holiday. Still, he would be a perfect fit for this team due to the fact that he could make up for Klay Thompson's defensive woes (used to be a good defender pre-injury, but he's gotten worse at that end) but he wouldn't help with this team's biggest weakness.

The Warriors have until the trade deadline to find a suitable rotational big man who can rebound and not be a huge negative on offense They can use Paul's contract to get a deal done for him. Using that and a bunch of their young players to get a guard is probably not a good idea. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Jrue Holiday, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, Kevin Looney, and whatever rookies are not used in a potential Holiday trade is a pretty good core going forward.

Still, that core has one massive weakness. That potential core is full of players who do not have enough size to rebound against NBA big men. Any playoff matchup against the Denver Nuggets would most likely result in Golden State in trouble due to their lack of rebounding.

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