NBA trade rumors: DeMar DeRozan’s preferred destinations revealed

With a Chicago Bulls' rebuild likely coming, DeMar DeRozan could be on the move before the end of the season. The word is already out on where he'd like to land.

Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls
Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, DeMar DeRozan prefers to end up with the New York Knicks or the Miami Heat if he's traded this season. This report comes with the expectation that the Bulls will blow it up before the trade deadline since they are going nowhere fast and no one on the team seems to enjoy being on the squad.

The New York Knicks are having a very nice start to the season but it's still clear that the team is missing some offensive juice. Trading for DeRozan would give the team a needed offensive iso-bump when it comes to a possible playoff run. The likely reason that the Heat would end up trading for the All-Star would be to make up for all of the stars that the team has missed out on during last offseason.

Both of these teams could build good offers for a DeRozan, but the question is what they'd actually be willing to part with.

What are the potential offers that the Knicks or Heat could make for DeMar DeRozan?

When it comes to the New York Knicks, the player compensation is pretty clear. The Knicks could end up offering Evan Fournier, Isaiah Hartenstein and a lower-quality young player like Quentin Grimes. It's unclear what the draft compensation would look like but New York could end up offering a combination of their heavily protected first-round picks.

New York would most likely not have to offer a big package for the scoring machine due to the fact that he is an aging veteran who doesn't have a good 3-point shot. When it comes to the Miami Heat, it's hard to find a way for the team to make a deal that really improves this team. Kyle Lowry would be perfect for an exchange regarding salary, but it's unclear how much his former teammate would be an upgrade.

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