NFL fans prepare for Netflix outages months ahead of time after schedule announcement

It was only a matter of time before the NFL was coming to Netflix, so get ready for all that jazz...
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Only MLB is making it harder to watch its leagues games. Because we are all dumb, mindless, vapid and insatiable consumers, why not have NFL games airing on Netflix for Christmas? When I was six, all I wanted for Christmas was my two front teeth. Now I am wishing for free Netflix for life as a soon-to-be 35-year-old. Yes, I am dealing with Xfinity not giving a rat's ass about the Atlanta Braves now.

One of the things I loved about the NFL was I could sit on my couch and watch the Atlanta Falcons break my heart for the umpteenth time in a calendar year with FOX's fourth team to narrate my misfortune. It certainly beats watching Tony Romo put no prep into games, trying to figure out what tone of hair plugs Joe Buck has this week or watch Jason Witten try to pull a rabbit ouf of his head.

While what used to be called Twitter has a solution to avoiding having to pay Reed Hastings even more money like the plague, I'm tired of being completely taking advantage of by those greedy hot dogs in suits, man. I don't want to be reminded of how much consuming their up-and-down product costs me while I open the second of two Christmas presents for my dad's dog who only does treats.

I gotta be honest, unless the Falcons are playing, I'd rather watch Ralphie shoot his eye out again...

NFL fans prepare to deal with seeing games on Netflix during Christmas

I am still struggling that we are about to live in a world where Netflix of all places is getting into the live sports streaming business. It may be a big enough platform to take on all these subscribers and viewers like Amazon did with Thursday Night Football over on Prime Video. However, it never crossed my mind that the NFL would even go to Netflix because Hastings did not seem interest in live sports.

For all the potential streams out there, legal or not, the NFL's quest to make its games reach a wider audience seems to be tearing away at its core foundation. Yes, people do enjoy watching the league at-large, but outside of fantasy football, people still really love their own team more than anything. Having to switch channels is and was fine, but having to switch platforms all together is maddening.

Again, I understand that this may not be for me. Pro Bowls and All-Stars are not my bag, baby. I am never going to watch the Home Run Derby, but if Netflix is a way for a kid to get into football who doesn't slap with Nickelodeon, I can live with it. Of course, somebody else will be fronting the bill for them. The big question is how much disposable income will mom and pop have to spend on them?

We have gone from screaming for candy in the checkout line to screaming about watching Netflix.

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