NFL Mock Draft: 4 contenders that need Xavier Worthy after record-breaking 40

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Xavier Worthy was projected to be one of the fastest players at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. He wasn't projected to be the fastest player in the history of the NFL Combine, though. But now he is.

On Saturday, as the wide receivers worked out, the former Texas Longhorn was the last player in the second group at the position to work out. He posted an unofficial 4.25-second time in his first run, but came back for another. It was worth it as he crossed the finish line with an unofficial time of 4.22 seconds on the clock, tying the fastest 40 time in Combine history of John Ross set back in 2017.

Then the official times came in and confirmed that it wasn't even with Ross -- it was 0.01 seconds better, giving Worthy the new record for the fastest 40 at the NFL Combine at 4.21 seconds.

Worthy was electric throughout his college career at Texas with the speed evident. Of course, there are some draft concerns at just 165 pounds, but his speed is the trump card weapon that any team could use. So which teams should be ready to embrace the Ricky Bobby logic and go fast by taking Xavier Worthy in the 2024 NFL Draft, likely in the first round? We have four clubs in mind.

Xavier Worthy draft stock: 4 teams that need to draft WR after record-breaking 40

4. Buffalo Bills

One of the worst-kept secrets of free agency as we get to that point of the offseason is that the Buffalo Bills are expected to let Gabe Davis walk. The deep threat in the Josh Allen-led offense opposite of Stefon Diggs has certainly enjoyed moments throughout his career in front of the Mafia, but the consistency has never developed to the degree that some expected.

Thus, with other apparent needs on the Bills roster to address in free agency, the expectation has been that Davis will be allowed to walk as he hits the open market. But even with the emergence of Khalil Shakir in his rookie season, there could still be the need for a more bonafide and pure deep threat to work with Allen as the vertical threat moving forward.

With the speed that Xavier Worthy put on display at the NFL Combine, that would certainly fit the... bill.

For all of the things that Davis did well, he didn't have the elite speed that Worthy clearly does. And while the Texas product is lacking substantially in terms of his bulk and frame when compared to Davis, if the Bills are looking to maximize the effects of Allen's top-tier arm strength, then having a guy who is the fastest in recorded Combine history running underneath deep balls doesn't sound like a bad option at all.