NFL Panic Meter: 5 0-2 NFL teams who could still make the playoffs

Starting 0-2 is almost a death sentence in the NFL. How high is the panic meter for these five teams?

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Fewer things in professional sports are more deflating than when an NFL team starts the season 0-2. Even though it is not a statistical impossibility to come back from an 0-2 start to make the playoffs, losing the first two games of the year puts any team in a big hole.

It's different for a team like Arizona or Houston. No one expected to do well this season. But five teams with big hopes entering the year have now begun 0-2. How high should the panic meter be set for them?

Minnesota Vikings Panic Meter: 5/10

The Vikings were the first team in the 0-2 club this season after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night. A late comeback by Kirk Cousins fell short as the Vikings lost their second straight one-score game, which is not a good omen for a team that was extremely efficient in one-score games a year ago.

The fan base has already started murmuring about tanking for Caleb Williams, and it's hard to blame them given Minnesota's defensive struggles dating back to last season. The schedule in the coming weeks is also rough as the desperate Chargers await next week while dates with Kansas City and San Francisco are on tap by Week 7.

While the schedule is a problem and there's a realistic chance Minnesota is 3-5 or worse by Halloween, the positive for them is that the NFC North won't get away from them. All four teams in the division lost in Week 2 so as long as Minnesota can get one win on the board in their next two games they'll have time to right the ship.