NFL Power Rankings: Projecting the best receiver groups in the league

As we embark on a brand new NFL season, wide receivers have become as much of a premium as they ever have. For the first time maybe ever, the top picks in fantasy drafts are all wide receivers. We're using this time to rank every wide receiver room in the league.
Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears
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8. Buffalo Bills
Top 3: Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis, Khalil Shakir

This one might come as a surprise to some, but we really like this Buffalo Bills wide receiver unit. Of course, it starts with Stefon Diggs. Despite his strange offseason, Diggs is one of the greats in the NFL. He just got paid, so we don't expect him to be upset about much this season. He could lead the league in receiving. Josh Allen relies on Diggs in moments of need, and with the Bills schedule this year, that can come more often than some expect.

The depth has some concerns, but we're deciding to bet on the talent. Gabe Davis can take the top off a defense. Even last year, when he failed to live up to expectations, he still had a few great moments. We expect to see the Davis from two years ago this year. He will be a legit number two in this offense.

We might be too high on Khalil Shakir, but we even liked him coming out of the draft. At Boise State, this kid could flat-out make plays. It likely took him a year to get used to the NFL cadence, schedule, and opponents, but he should be ready to take the next step. He made a few plays in the preseason, showing he's ready to do it at this level.

This team should once again have one of the best passing offenses in the NFL. The receiving core is going to have a ton of opportunities that they can turn into stats. This should be a great unit by the middle of the season.