NFL Rumors: 3 Chiefs rivals who could steal L'Jarius Sneed and hurt three-peat chances

The Kansas City Chiefs hope to keep L'Jarius Sneed around, but the odds of that aren't as high as fans might like. These 3 rivals could take advantage.

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2. Las Vegas Raiders still need secondary help

The Las Vegas Raiders have one of the youngest secondaries in the NFL, and are set to lose one of the veterans they could count on in Amik Robertson to free agency. Robertson has been someone the Raiders can count on since he entered the league four years ago. While it makes sense to bring him back, Vegas could also aim higher.

Signing L'Jarius Sneed from the defending world champions who just so happen to be the Raiders division rival wouldn't just be petty, it would be smart. Sneed knows the Chiefs offensive system better than anyone, and if KC has a weakness on their roster right now, it's the wide receiver position.

Antonio Pierce made recent comments suggesting the Raiders should use a 'Jordan Rules' system against Mahomes and the Chiefs. A promising secondary is necessary to do just that, as it would allow Maxx Crosby and the Vegas edge rushers to get home.

"We've got the Jordan rules and what I'm calling, from now on as long as I'm here, the Patrick Mahomes rules," Pierce said on Maxx Crosby's podcast. "So, you remember when Jordan was going through it with the Pistons, ... The Pistons used to whup his ass. Any time he came to the hole? Elbows, feeling him, love taps. We touched him. We're in the head, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, I'm touching you. So, I showed those guys Jordan getting his ass whupped."

Adding Sneed to the secondary would also allow the Raiders to focus on an upgrade at quarterback or surrounding Aiden O'Connell with the right weapons with pick No. 13.