Overreaction Monday: 3 NFL teams that need to officially open fire sale

Week 7 of the NFL schedule is mostly finished. These teams need to bite the bullet on a rebuild.

Tyson Bagent, Chicago Bears
Tyson Bagent, Chicago Bears / Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders lost in rather embarrassing fashion, 30-12, to the lowly Chicago Bears and undrafted rookie QB Tyson Bagent. Any time you're on the wrong end of the "This Replacement Rookie QB is the Future" storyline, it's a tough beat. The Bears are not a particularly good team, and neither are the Raiders.

Sure, Jimmy Garoppolo is due back next week. But it's Jimmy Garoppolo. How much faith can the Raiders honestly have in him? Especially with the offense continuing to break down in critical moments. Davante Adams is publicly restless. Owner Mark Davis may not agree, but Josh McDaniels has done very little to assure the fanbase that he's ready to lead Vegas successfully into the future.

On paper, the Raiders are a veteran team built to win now. In actuality, it's a flawed bunch of misfit parts not remotely ready to contend with Kansas City in the AFC West, much less the rest of the NFL. The Raiders are a mediocre, extremely fringe wild card threat at best. At worst, they're already a bottom-dweller. It's time to lean in.

Adams has been deemed unavailable, but that probably shouldn't be the case. It's time to listen to Garoppolo offers if there are any. It's time to give Aiden O'Connell a look at QB. It's time to clean house on defense, even if that means Maxx Crosby, Bilal Nichols, and others get tossed into trade conversations. There's a big appetite for pass-rushers around the league right now.

The Raiders should probably consider changes to the coaching staff and front office, too. It's hard to have faith in that group top-to-bottom right now. A hard reset is the correct course of action.