Overreaction Monday: 3 NFL teams that need to officially open fire sale

Week 7 of the NFL schedule is mostly finished. These teams need to bite the bullet on a rebuild.

Tyson Bagent, Chicago Bears
Tyson Bagent, Chicago Bears / Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are coming off their best game of the season, a 30-12 beatdown of the Raiders. Tyson Bagent is now 1-0 for his career, and the noise inside and outside the fanbase is palpable... is it time to pull the plug on Justin Fields?

Frankly, that was a valid question before Week 7. It's probably too early to have any real confidence in Bagent as the long-term solution, but it's not too early to look at Chicago's place in the standings, consider the likes of Caleb Williams and Drake Maye on 2024 draft boards, and get to thinking. It's time for the Bears to commence the fire sale, and this is the best possible week to do so.

It can start with Fields. Even if he's a placeholder, Bagent clearly has enough talent to keep the offense passably competent until the Bears bring in his replacement. Fields put together a couple solid weeks before the injury and he's still a tier-one athlete, which should mean he has a market. There is no shortage of QB-needy teams.

Beyond Fields, it's time to have a frank conversation about the veterans on offense. The D.J. Moore trade was supposed to elevate Chicago to the next level, but it didn't. Teams around the league will still pay top dollar for a veteran receiver with Moore's track record. Darnell Mooney should get looks too.

Chicago has a couple of veterans on the offensive line who can be easily discarded considering the poor overall performance from that unit this season. On defense, names like Jaylon Johnson and Tremaine Edmunds stand out as potentially lucrative trade bait.

The Bears should feel good about Sunday's win, but if anything, it boosts the value of key pieces right before the trade deadline. It's time to Crumble for Caleb.


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