NFL Rumors: 4 teams who would give Bears a 'historic haul' for Caleb Williams

The Chicago Bears would reportedly consider a historic haul to trade the rights to the No. 1 overall pick, which will likely be Caleb Williams. Which teams are the favorites?

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3. Atlanta Falcons could trade up for Caleb Williams

The Falcons don't have a quarterback. What they do to solve that problem remains to be seen, but selecting one in the draft to go along with their new head coach in Raheem Morris makes a lot of sense. Atlanta's new offensive coordinator Zac Robinson could make the most out of a player like Caleb Williams, as Robinson was coveted by several teams as a possible OC or head coaching candidate this offseason.

Desmond Ridder was not that guy, which led to his eventual benching last year. Ridder was selected in a weak draft class which included Kenny Pickett and Malik Willis.

Williams is a far better prospect than Ridder ever was. As much as trading up from No. 8 would cost Atlanta, it's cheaper than signing the likes of Kirk Cousins, who has roots in Georgia, but would cost over $40 million per season and would limit the Falcons cap space moving forward. Williams on a rookie contract would allow the Falcons to add top-level weapons and improve other areas of weakness via free agency or trades.

Atlanta already has Bijan Robinson, Kyle Pitts and Drake London in place for Williams. It's an easy match if the Falcons pull the trigger.