NFL Rumors: 4 teams who would give Bears a 'historic haul' for Caleb Williams

The Chicago Bears would reportedly consider a historic haul to trade the rights to the No. 1 overall pick, which will likely be Caleb Williams. Which teams are the favorites?

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1. The New England Patriots need another Tom Brady

Recent NFL Rumors suggest the Patriots could entertain trading back in the NFL Draft, as reported by Dan Graziano of ESPN. Graziano reported that "people around the league" think New England could move back for a haul of their own. That's not a bad idea if they aren't sold on any of the top quarterbacks in this year's draft class. However...I mean why not take a QB this year?

Mac Jones ain't it. Bailey Zappe certainly isn't. New England could sign a bridge quarterback, however those are usually reserved for contending teams waiting for an opportunity to find their QB of the future in a class just like this one.

The Patriots lack weapons on the outside, which would hurt Williams on the outset. Still, acquiring their quarterback of the future would give the Patriots five years (potentially) to add those skill-position players. Having Williams in place provides New England with the most important piece, and someone every NFL team would love to acquire.

New England struggled with the greatest coach of all-time after they lost Brady. Jerod Mayo could be a very good head coach, but he's not Belichick-caliber yet. Why hamper him with another lackluster quarterback battle, or a bridge QB?

If Williams is available, the Patriots would be wise to take a swing now. There's no guarantee a better quarterback prospect will come around anytime soon.

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