5 coaches on the hot seat after Week 13 performances

We could be looking at upwards of eight NFL teams looking for new head coaches for next season.

Bill Belichick, New England Patriots
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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1. Ron Rivera is a lame duck head coach for the Washington Commanders

Ron Rivera is totally cooked. With the Washington Commanders having new ownership, he is as good as gone as their head coach. Because he is a well-respected man in the industry, I believe Josh Harris will give him the entire season before going in a different direction. After getting blown out at home by the AFC East juggernaut Miami Dolphins, Washington continues to circle the drain at 4-9 overall.

I think with the Philadelphia Eagles being dominant in-division, the Dallas Cowboys being consistently good and the New York Giants being a playoff team a year ago, that may be more than enough for Harris to part ways with Rivera and his staff after this season. Rivera may have been on the hot seat to begin with, but the Commanders being a sub-.500 team under his watch yet again makes it obvious.

Ultimately, Washington is in need of a reboot. It may need to be more than new ownership or another franchise moniker, I'm afraid. This offseason should be all about reassessment and being honest with themselves. Washington probably needs to hire a consulting firm to get their hire right. For now, they just need to get to the middle of January before pulling the plug on Rivera and moving on from him.

There are worse coaches out there than Rivera, but timing is everything, and this man is so gone...

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