NFL Rumors: 5 Justin Fields trade packages that would make teams contenders

It may not take all that much for any NFL team in need of a quarterback to trade for Justin Fields.

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
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The Chicago Bears have a few big decisions to make. First, they must decide what they want to do with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. It is a gift sent to them by the hopeless Carolina Panthers who just fired their coach after Chicago traded them last year's first overall pick to move back to No. 9. Second, they must figure out if they want Justin Fields to be their starting quarterback.

If they do, they can sell high on the No. 1 pick and gain even more assets to try and build a winner around him. But if they do not, they can trade him to another quarterback-desperate team, probably one not pick inside the top three. Chicago could then take its preferred choice at No. 1, as well as get that new quarterback another weapon with the additional compensation that will be coming their way.

The allure of trading for Fields is incredibly enticing. Quarterbacks get traded every so often, but it is still an exceedingly rare exercise in construct. Therefore, Chicago will need a robust trade market to develop well before this spring's draft. If they were to deal Fields, it would have to be during free agency. This is because Chicago's starting quarterback next year will either be Fields or a rookie.

Here are five NFL teams with enough assets to pull off a blockbuster trade with Chicago for Fields.

Justin Fields trade rumors: 5 trade packages for Chicago Bears star QB

5. New York Giants can give Chicago Bears the No. 6 overall pick for Fields

This one will be a little messy. Since the New York Giants already have Daniel Jones under contract and play in the same contract as the Bears, there will be a lot of moving pieces in order to make this work. Furthermore, New York has the No. 6 overall pick and could conceivably draft the third or fourth-best quarterback in the upcoming draft. The hope is if Jayden Daniels were to somehow fall to them.

I don't know how Jones factors into this, as his contract might be viewed as an albatross by general managers across the league. Then again, what is the price the Giants have to pay to stay relevant in a major media market? Outside of maybe a year or two, the G-Men had been an awful franchise ever since Eli Manning retired. Frankly, they have been pretty bad since his second Super Bowl victory.

While it remains to be seen if the Giants will be all that much better with Fields than they are without him, it is a change of scenery for the Chicago quarterback. He would flourish in Brian Daboll's offense, but you have to question the playing surface at MetLife. It is unforgiving, simply existing to rip the sinew Giants and Jets players' legs on the reg like there is no tomorrow. Still, the Giants need to win.

Acquiring Fields in a trade with Chicago might be enough to make them a playoff team next season.