NFL rumors: Could Chiefs snag former receiving weapon of a rival team?

  • Hunter Renfrow is the latest cap casualty of the Las Vegas Raiders.
  • The Chiefs had massive problems in the receiving room in 2023.
  • Could the need for receiving help be a match for KC?

Hunter Renfrow, Las Vegas Raiders
Hunter Renfrow, Las Vegas Raiders / Michael Owens/GettyImages

After spending his entire pro career with the Las Vegas Raiders, Hunter Renfrow will be looking for a new team to play for in NFL free agency. The talented wide receiver quickly made a name for himself playing for Dabo Swinney at Clemson. Although there was some skepticism about him having staying power in the NFL, Renfrow certainly thrived throughout his tenure playing for the Silver and Black, including a 2021 that saw him cross the 1,000-yard mark and earn a Pro Bowl nod.

Now that he is expected to be released by the Raiders once the new league year commences this afternoon, what are the chances he could sign with a hated division rival like the Kansas City Chiefs? He wouldn't be the first player to cross lines on either side of the rivalry, and he won't be the last. Although the Chiefs have repeated as Super Bowl champions, they do need some wide receiver help.

With the rest of the league gunning for them to hopefully prevent a three-peat, the Chiefs need to adapt to survive. At times, the offense can still be as explosive as it ever was. However, it was Steve Spagnuolo's defense that carried the torch throughout the second half of last season and all the way through the playoffs. To me, Renfrow fits exactly what the Chiefs may want in the wide receiver room.

Renfrow is not alone in being let go by the Raiders. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is likely done, too.

Factor in Josh Jacobs reportedly signing with the Green Bay Packers in his his free agency, and the Raiders offense could look vastly different from only a year ago, mostly because of Tom Telesco...

Chiefs suffered plenty of troubles in receiving room in 2023

You wouldn't know it based on the hardware earned by season's end, but the Chiefs receiving room was abysmal in 2023, leading the league in dropped passes with 44. It almost didn't matter that Kansas City had Patrick Mahomes throwing the ball because receivers frequently looked like they had bricks for hands.

Receiver is one key area the Chiefs need to get better in, whether it's existing players upping their performance a tick or two or getting some outside help. While there are some free agent options available already before Renfrow, it's an often-expensive position, and the Chiefs are close to the cap number.

One cost-saving measure that has been discussed is cutting Justin Watson to save a little over $2 million. So the question to ask with any receiver option, really, is whether or not someone like Watson can reach another level and be better than them.

NFL rumors: Could Hunter Renfrow sign with the Kansas City Chiefs?

Honestly. It is hard to tell what team Renfrow could sign with. He hails from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, so not really in any NFL team's backyard. Sure, you could argue for either the Carolina Panthers or the Atlanta Falcons, based on approximate nearness, but what good would that do? He does fit the prototype of a New England Patriots slot wide receiver, so that could be a decent option.

To be frank, I trust Brett Veach's judgement more than I do Telesco's. The Chiefs have often had the Raiders' number, but surely the Kansas City general manager respects the talent on the opposite sideline during their biannual meetings. For Telesco to punt on Renfrow only further illustrates how bad he is at math. Just look at how cooked the books are for his former employer in Los Angeles.

Should Veach see value in signing Renfrow for cheap off the street, as well as there being a fit for him in Andy Reid's offense, I would have no problem with Renfrow turning heel on the Raiders. After all, they are the ones who let him go. So instead of walking the plank and hopping into the infinite abyss that is free agency, look for a well-run team like the Chiefs to swoop in and rescue him in a life boat.

While the Raiders have drafted good players over the years, it is always a struggle to retain them.

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