NFL Rumors: Did Jim Harbaugh hint at preferred NFL coaching destination?

Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh could be headed to the NFL sooner rather than later, especially if he wants to coach Chargers QB Justin Herbert.

2023 Big Ten Championship - Iowa v Michigan
2023 Big Ten Championship - Iowa v Michigan / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh was suspended three games by the Big Ten for his role -- or lack thereof, which is also a tough look -- in the program's sign-stealing scandal. Connor Stalions, who we've been led to believe was a rogue staffer gone wrong, allegedly illegally scouted some of Michigan's opponents in person and took note of their signs.

Now, the Wolverines could still be punished by the NCAA, an investigation which is ongoing and likely won't be completed until this offseason. Until then, Michigan is in the College Football Playoff and could win its first National Championship since 1997. No pressure.

However, if the NCAA does come down hard on Harbaugh, it could force a chain reaction which ends in the Michigan coach taking a job elsewhere. Namely, that job would come in the NFL, where there is expected to be ample opportunity for Harbaugh if he is interested.

NFL Rumors: One possible Jim Harbaugh destination

If FOX analyst Urban Meyer is to be believed -- which is a rather big if given he's a former Ohio State coach -- Harbaugh and Michigan could be up against it.

"I've heard it is deep-deep, and then I've heard it's not that deep, where it's just a rogue guy doing it, which is kinda hard for me to believe that just some guy's out there talking to your coordinators and nobody's aware what he did. So I want to remain to be seen what the depth [of it] is. If it's as deep as I'm hearing ... there's a chance he won't coach there next year for the season," Meyer said a few weeks ago.

At this point, we are purely speculating. However, if Harbaugh were available, any number of NFL teams would be interested, including some with head coaches they're currently invested in. Harbaugh has a proven NFL track record. That's hard to come by.

Per ESPN's Mike Greenberg, Harbaugh has a particular interest in Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers, and thinks he's the best young QB in the NFL.

Meanwhile, the Chargers are at odds with head coach Brandon Staley, who has underperformed with this group for several seasons now. If Los Angeles doesn't make a substantial playoff run, Staley could be out of a job.

Cue the Harbaugh-to-LA rumors now. You're welcome.