NFL Rumors: Kirk Cousins trade, latest Derrick Henry trade buzz, Lions trade tease

  • Lions HC Dan Campbell teased a possible trade for Detroit
  • Derrick Henry trade buzz gets a big, stunning update
  • Latest on a possible Kirk Cousins trade for the Vikings

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NFL Rumors: Lions HC Dan Campbell teases trade for Detroit

Though the Detroit Lions received an unfriendly wake-up call from the Baltimore Ravens in Week 7, Dan Campbell's team still looks the part of a contender in the NFC. However, with the NFL Trade Deadline approaching, you have to wonder if the Lions are planning to make any moves.

We might not have any concrete intel on that matter, but Campbell himself recently appeared to insinuate that some sort of trade could be cooking for the Lions.

Campbell was asked while speaking to the media if Detroit general manager Brad Holmes had "brought him any intriguing trade information". The head coach responded coyly after a long pause by saying, "Maybe."

Campbell has long played things pretty close to the vest when it comes to the workings of the organization, especially in this type of situation. However, his response is difficult to read in any other way than the Lions having some interesting trade intel and conversations that he doesn't want to divulge too much informtion about.

Many have called for the Lions to possibly upgrade on the edge of the defensive line opposite Aidan Hutchinson, in addition to potentially adding another receiving weapon. We'll have to see what exactly Holmes and Campbell have cooking.